Making A Difference

Chemo Angels

Chemo Angels is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to adding a ray of sunshine to the lives of those undergoing treatment for cancer. The organization was founded  by Laura Armstrong in August 2000.   Laura lost her father to pancreatic cancer in 1989.  Laura later met a woman who was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Laura started sending her cards and small gifts every week.  After her treatment was over, the woman told Laura that she thought of her as her “Chemo Angel.”   These words inspired Laura to start a website that gives others the opportunity to become Chemo Angels themselves.

The volunteers who run “Chemo Angels” believe that people who are going through the physical, emotional and mental rigors of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or other cancer therapies deserve some pampering and special treatment!  Many of the ChemoAngel volunteers are cancer survivors themselves, or people whose lives have been affected by cancer in some way.  

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Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network is a charitable organization based in White Plains, N.Y. The sole mission of this organization is to ease the emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden of travel for cancer patients by arranging for free flights to treatment centers, using empty seats on corporate aircraft.

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The Carol Jean Cancer Foundation, Inc

The Carol Jean Cancer Foundation, Inc., (CJCF) offers programs free of charge to help families deal with the tremendous changes and challenges that arise when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. Each program was inspired by the courage, hope and love of a special individual or family.

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Gilda’s Club

Gilda’s Club is a special place where the focus is on living with cancer. Men, women and children with any kind of cancer and their family members and friends are encouraged to seek out emotional and social support  in addition to medical care.  
At Gilda’s Club community of support is developed in which people of all ages with all kinds of cancer learn from one another how to live more fully.

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Angels For Hope

Angels for Hope crochets angels, butterflies, and smiley faces to help people of all ages in need of hope or a smile. We want people to know there are others out there who care, and know they are not alone in this world. All of the Angels for Hope members have a heart of gold, and want to share the gift God gave them to bring hope and a smile to someone who desperately needs it.

In your travels if you know some one that is in need of a caring touch, is sick, dying, has lost someone to death please go to this web site and have an angel sent to them.