Macmillan Cancer Directory
The Macmillan directory provides a single source of reference to a selection of nationally published materials on living with cancer and treatment of different types of cancer.


Cancer-Pain was created to help cancer patients receive the pain treatment they deserve. It contains information about cancer pain, its causes and available treatments as well as links to online groups.
The Support and Resources page on the National Cancer Institute website (1-800-4-CANCER) provides links to information about cancer support organizations, finances, insurance, and hospice and home care. American Hospice Foundation The American Hospice Foundation opens new doors to hospice care through public education programs focused on strategically selected audiences such as employers, schools, insurance companies and religious organizations. Ralph Moss on Cancer–Expert Guidance for Crucial Decisions…

Ralph Moss speaks out on controversial subjects in cancer treatment, diagnosis and researc. Helping patients make decisions on new, conventional, innovative, complementary and alternative therapies.

Look Good…Feel Better  A free public service program for cancer patients. Your Cancer Risk: The Source on Prevention
Your Cancer Risk estimates your risk of cancer and provides personalized tips for prevention.