My Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

Susan Weed, PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498

An anti-cancer lifestyle is not a rigid set of rules to follow, but a safe space to be filled with your favorite ways of nourishing health and discouraging cancer.  Since cancer  thrieves in a too-ordered situation, relax and let chaos give a hand now and then in the execution of your plan.  I include all of the following elements in my anti-cancer lifestyle.  Were I to be dignosed with cancer, I would continue to do these things in addition to any other remedies I might choose. · Stay in touch with my own daily and seasonal rhythms. · Sleep in total darkness or moonlight; get into the sun daily. · Eat one meal at the same time each day. · Have emotional outlets. · Choose friends who support me and my truth. · Have artistic outlets. · Receive lots of appreciation and approval (a.k.a. love). · Exercise one hour three times a week. · Get a massage once a month or more. · Do my yoga practice once a week or more. · Have sexual outlets. · Take a quiet time of beingness daily. · Make full use of all sources of joy available to me. · Eat a Mediterranean-style diet of mostly organically grown foods including daily use of cabbage family plants, raw and cooked greens, whole grains, beans, sunflower seeds, soy products, olive oil, garlic, seasonal fresh fruit, seaweed, yogurt and cheese, herbal infusions, herbal vinegars, and antioxidant seasonings. Plus, at least four times a month, seafood, nuts, mushrooms, dried fruit, and eggs; and, less than four times a month, meat, alcohol, white sugar, and coffee. · And I avoid: Vitamin/mineral supplements, chlorine, nitrates, tobacco, prescription hormones, TV, white flour, processed foods, and non-organic animal products. My Anti-Cancer Lifestyle
by Susun S. Weed, author and herbalist. Write to: [email protected] for permission to reprint this article.

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