Cancer Cases Decreasing?
Yes, or No?
© By Lena Sanchez

We keep hearing that cancer is being beaten, but that usually comes from some cancer charitythat is asking you and me for money! Not from those in the know! The following paragraph came from WHO (World Health Organization). [(London 2003/04) “The number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to increase by 50 percent over the next 20 years, partly because poor nations are adopting unhealthy Western habits, the World Health Organization said. Worldwide, about 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year and 6 million people die from it. The report projects that the annual number of diagnoses will reach 15 million by 2020, based on current trends in smoking, diet and exercise.â€�] Did you notice the real culprit? “Poor nations are adopting unhealthy Western habits.â€� Our fastNorth American lifestyles are catching up to the rest of the world. Our nutrient-free food companies are marketed world Wide, and growing daily! The countries that had low cancer rates are increasing daily, as is the North American Continent. Rich nations have more cancer than poor ones, mostly because of tumors tied to bad habits such as smoking and drinking, eating too much or the wrong kinds of foods, and lack of exercise. Being poor has its perks! Prevention must become the norm, not the outside fringe of society, as it now is! Note the following information released this week! [“Two food ingredients already recognised separately as having some cancer prevention properties might be as much as 13 times more powerful when put together, researchers said yesterday.â€� Those foods are veggies! “They found that the impact of the plant-derived chemical sulforaphane and the mineral selenium on genes that influence the growth of cancerous tumours was far stronger when they were used as a combined treatment.â€�] What is so stark to me is that these are minerals! Doesn’t it make sense that by making sure the body has them daily will prevent cancer? Sure it does, but nobody is telling anyone to do that! Well I am telling you, at the risk of boring you to death harping at you – SUPPLEMENT DAILY WITH COMPLETE 84 MINERAL SUPPLEMENT! Common sense says if you are low on one or two minerals (nutrients) you are low on most if not all of them! Why? Because our foods simple do not contain all of them and are weak in the few that are! The report went on to say; [Selenium intake by Britons has halved over the last 20 years, despite the fact that a lack of it is associated with cancers such as prostate cancer, whose incidence is rising.] That number is equivalent to the US citizenship decreases as well…Cancer is on the rise and food nutrient content on the decrease, making it impossible to get enough of the proper minerals and vitamins to stay prolong health. Also has created a world of obesity. Want to prevent cancer? 1. Eat a balanced daily diet. Sulforaphane, seen as a potentially useful curative cancer drug, is found in broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and watercress while foods rich in selenium include nuts, poultry, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds and mushrooms. 2. Build your immune system to its optimum power.That can be done with herbs, vitamins and minerals. Most importantly Antioxidants. 3. Supplement daily with liquid, powder or capsule multi meganutrient vitamins and a complete 84 mineral/ trace mineral sea based supplement. Can’t find them in your area? Contact me at :

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