Last night I was browsing through a book called Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss.  Back to Eden is a guide to herbal medicine, natural foods, and home remedies.  Anytime I look at such a book, I look and see what it has to say in regard to cancer.  I found an entire chapter devoted to the subject and after reading it all I could think about was how it made so much sense.
    Back to Eden was first published in 1949.  At that time, Jethro Kloss wrote that “Certain types (of cancer) can be prevented to a great degree, and it is estimated that well over one-half of all cancers are due to the unhealthy living and eating habits followed by the majority of Americans.”    I’ve read alot of articles, books and reports that have been written recently that say the same exact thing.     In regard to Jethro Kloss, he explains that at first he took it for granted that there was no cure for cancer.  At some point he made up his mind to find the cause of cancer.  Kloss did alot of research comparing the dietary and lifestyle habits of people in countries where cancer is most prelavent to those in which it is rare.  Kloss found that “in the civilized nations on earth where a large amount of meat and rich, luxurios foods were consumed, cancer was more prevalent. In the nationswhere they ate plain, natural foods, cancer was very rare.”  And Jethro Kloss also found that “In some parts of the world where cancer was rare, after the people learned of the diet used by ‘civilized peoples’ and started using it, cancer increased.”  Other nutritionists and researchers have done similiar studies in relation to both cancer and other degenerative diseases and found the same thing.     What exactly is in our diet that is so unhealthy?  Basically, processed and refined foods.  According to Kloss, and others, these foods lack many of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need in order to stay healthy.  They also contain substances that accumulate in our systems and poison it over time.  After coming to understand this, Jethro Kloss started to search for a cure for cancer.  He eventually discovered one: “correct food, herbs, water, fresh air, massage, sunshine, exercise and rest.”  It  sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Then why do we have so much cancer?

   Today alot of research is being done in regard to diet, nutrition, lifestyle and cancer. It is a very complex subject and it is unlikely that anyone is going to find a single herb, food, vitamin supplement or whatever that will cure cancer.  But, it is likely that doing the simple things mentioned above will go a long way in helping to prevent cancer, and yes, maybe treating it as well.  

   One of my favorite anti-cancer organizations is The American Institute for Cancer Research. The AICR is a “cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results.”  The AICR has a very informative website full of material on cancer prevention, diet, nutrition so on and so forth.  Please take some time to explore their site:    There are many other individuals and organizations studying the effect our modern day lifestyle has on our health. Please use the links on the sidebar to learn more.