Looks Like A Promising Cancer Treatment
© By Lena Sanchez

When I read about upcoming drugs that aren’t typical drugs it makes my heart glad! The latest cancer treatment is one of those. The latest report states, “A preliminary study reveals that fenretinide, a non-toxic drug related to Vitamin A, may significantly reduce recurrent breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. Even though researchers say the results need further confirmation, the use of fenretinide in younger women may lead to a new and safe method to prevent breast cancer recurrence. The study, led by Dr. Umberto Veronesi of the Istituto Nazionale Tumori in Milan, found that fenretinide reduces the risk of a second breast cancer in pre-menopausal women by 35%.� Did you notice that descriptive wording, *related to Vitamin A?* I love it! Words used to describe the latest cancer treatment are: Vitamin A like, Retinoid family. And the official definition is; “A drug being studied for cancer prevention; it belongs to the family of drugs called retinoids.� Man again trying to replicate nature and it appears with a modicum of success. Fenretinide is yet to be released to the public but is being used in a multitude of studies in cancer patients. You can read reports such as; “In addition to reducing recurrent breast cancer risk in pre-menopausal women, fenretinide also decreased the risk of ovarian cancer.� “In younger women in the study. Six cases of ovarian cancer were discovered among the control group (who did not take fenretinide) compared to zero cases among the women on fenretinide. Ovarian cancer is far less common than breast cancer but potentially more deadly.� Let me tell you that the “retinoid� spoken of by the medical profession these days is vitamin nutrients. Which only proves something that I and other alternative practitioners have been saying for a couple of decades now, that “a lack of minerals and vitamins in a persons diet is responsible for bad health and diseases!� This may turn out to be the most important discovery made by the medical industry in many years, but wouldn’t natural rather than chemical be better? I think so. Since this drug/vitamin isn’t on the market and may be many years before it is, take the precautions necessary to prevent needing it. Those precautions are; 1) Daily supplement with a complete 84 mineral and trace minerals liquid ionic complex, giving your body the ability to manufacture vitamins toward preventing serious illness! 2) Daily supplement with meganutrient plant based vitamins making illness difficult to take hold of your body! Want my recommendations about the most comprehensive and successful mineral and meganutrient minerals and vitamin supplements

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