Modern contraception methods

Modern methods of contraception for example are quite diverse, which allows you to choose the best option to avoid unwanted pregnancy in each case. This is extremely important, because the physiological characteristics and health status of the woman are key factors in the choice of contraceptives.

Barrier contraceptives
They can be called a classic method of contraception. Such means can be male and female. But in any case, the principle of their action is to prevent the penetration of sperm into the uterus. You can highlight such advantages of this method:

Local action without systemic changes;
Protection from venereal diseases;
The only contraindication – possible allergic reactions, but even in this case you can choose hypoallergenic materials; Contraindications;
The possibility of use without a doctor’s prescription.

Barrier methods of contraception include:
Vaginal diaphragm;
Contraceptive sponge;
Cervical cap.

Chemical Contraception
Modern methods of contraception also include medicinal preparations – spermicides. The mechanism of their action is the following: under the influence of special components, sperm is inactivated, which prevents it from penetrating the uterus. In other words, under the influence of these drugs sperm are destroyed in a matter of seconds. Chemical contraceptives are produced in the form of suppositories, creams, pills, jellies, sprays, solutions for sprinkling.

Intrauterine contraceptives
Despite the fact that this method of avoiding unwanted pregnancy has been known for more than a century, it can be quite called a modern method of contraception. It consists in the fact that a special coil is inserted into the uterus of a woman, which prevents the penetration of sperm. Spirals can be conventional and hormonal. They are installed by a gynecologist for a certain period of time (it varies, depending on the type of spiral). There are different types of spirals:

Inert or Lipps loop.
Today, most civilized countries have abandoned such spirals, because they are ineffective.

They are much better tolerated than inert ones and have higher efficacy.


Birth Control

The most effective and most modern method.

Hormonal contraceptives
The medication method. Synthetic analogs of hormones are used as the basis for the drugs. These contraceptives are available in the form of:

Subcutaneous implants;
Vaginal rings;
Intrauterine devices.
If we talk about the most modern methods of contraception, it is impossible to ignore the injection method. A special drug is injected into a woman’s body, which suppresses ovulation. This method allows you to reliably protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, making only 4 injections during the year.

As can be seen from the above, modern methods of contraception are quite diverse. But I would like to draw attention, before choosing one of these methods, it is necessary to consult with a qualified gynecologist, to take the necessary tests and choose the most appropriate method.

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