Is the neck to blame for everything?

✅ Recently, I have very often come across and the opinion that many of the child’s problems, especially neurological ones, are associated with some kind of problems in the neck (birth trauma, pinching)
⛔️This theory is completely wrong. The next few publications are about this.

🔷 Patient story.
My friends called me and said that the child had an epileptic seizure in his sleep.
She recommended to bring the child for a consultation, to understand in more detail and, if necessary, to prescribe an examination and treatment.
While they were walking towards me, the boy had a toothache, they went to the dentist.
And the dentist said:

‼ ️ The child does not have any epilepsy!
✅ But here’s what the problem can actually be:

1️⃣The child had a birth injury to the neck, and now something is being infringed there, the blood supply to the brain is deteriorating, and there is a loss of consciousness. A neurologist is not needed, but you need to guess who? That’s right, osteopath. He will fix everything and everything will be fine.
2️⃣ The child has a malocclusion, the lower jaw is small, the tongue is large. When the child lies – the tongue sinks back, blocks the breathing – loss of consciousness occurs. A neurologist is not needed again, an orthodontist is needed who will correct the bite and everything will go away

🔷 Of course, they came to me anyway. And we have done everything necessary.
✅But what I want to write about this:

‼ ️ Any episode of loss of consciousness, especially similar to an epileptic seizure, is the reason for the obligatory face-to-face consultation of a neurologist, who, if necessary, will prescribe additional examinations and adequate therapy

‼ ️ Run away from specialists who, without understanding anything in another area, so boldly declare that the child does not have any pathology (very serious). Even a neurologist cannot always rule out epilepsy, what a dentist is there!

‼ ️ Birth injury to the neck is a serious pathology. She cannot quietly be with a child and suddenly show herself at the age of 12. If your child is alive and is not a severely disabled person, then he certainly did not have a birth injury to his neck!

!! An osteopath is not a substitute for a neurologist. This is not a substitute for anyone at all. All neck problems that osteopaths treat and correct so “well” are invented by them. Normal medicine knows no such “diseases”

Sometimes, when you lose consciousness, the tongue really sinks into the laryngeal part of the pharynx (hypopharynx). You don’t need to get it out, put the person on its side, call the joint venture.
✅ Incorrect occlusion must be corrected, I agree with this, an orthodontist consultation is needed. But this is a completely different story, which is irrelevant and rarely causes noticeable discomfort.

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